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4x4 Acceccories

4x4 Acceccories

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Product code: ARB705
Price: 99,50€ / Kpl
Specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, an ARB snatch strap is a very effective method of extracting a bogged or immobilised 4WD when a second vehicle is present. ARB snatch straps are woven and fabricated in Australia to ARB specifications, and tested by a NATA approved laboratory.

The 8000kg model is recommended for most 4WD vehicles, with the 11000 & 15000kg straps better suited to heavier applications.

Breaking Strength 8000kg (17,500lb)
Length 9m (30')
Width 60mm (2 3/8")
Elasticity genuine 20%
Material 100% nylon
Reinforced Eyes yes
Overload Safety Indicator yes
Warning Tag yes

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